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Facial Treatments

me2 beauty custom facial

My signature facial includes skin-type specific cleansing, exfoliation, extractions (manual pore cleansing), pressure point facial massage, ionization of your treatment serum (to enhance penetration) and an individualized treatment mask chosen to suit your skin condition with some pampering neck, shoulder, arm and hand massaging. A great choice to maintain a healthy, glowing complexion - - and relax!

Add 20 minutes on your first visit for a consultation to assess your skin condition and personal needs as well as discuss homecare to achieve greater results.

60 minutes $100
Series of 4 $350

ilike organic facial

Nature provides an abundance of solutions with fruit, vegetable and herbs providing our bodies with the nutrition and energy it needs. Indulge in this delicious facial treatment rich in vitamins, fruit acids and bioflavonoids from real herbs and vegetables. They treat and nourish from the inside out. All of the active ingredients are organically grown, handpicked and processed into pulps that are four times as beneficial as just extracts. Incredibly decadent, luxurious, definitely relaxing and healthy, this treatment is great as a monthly facial or to alternate with your more clinical treatments.

90 minutes $150
Series of 4 $500

Teenage Training Facial

We know what happens in the adolescent years. Hormones! Get control over that acne and boost your self-esteem. Combat hyperactivity with an oil-controlling cleansing, a declogging, dead skin dissolving peel, extensive extractions of blackheads and pimples and lymphatic facial massage to reduce inflammation. This facial ends with a cool, soothing regulating mask to absorb toxins, reduce redness, mattify and balance. Breakout Beware!

45 minutes $75

For severe conditions I recommend treatments once a week for a month then you can resume maintenance of once every 3 or 4 weeks.

Series of 4 $250
*Purchase a series and receive 10% off your homecare products!

Micro Current Lifting Facial

The latest in non-invasive “face-lift” treatments, this is a natural Systemic Balance approach to anti-aging that does not interfere with the body functions. It enhances rejuvenation and provides a sense of well-being by resonating the signals of healthy cells that occur naturally during regeneration, oxygenation, detoxification and skin renewal, achieving immediate, visible results and long-term cumulative benefits. This treatment also enhances the benefits of your homecare products, helping them to penetrate better and work more quickly on the skin to achieve greater results.

Maximum benefits are achieved with a series of 10 treatments. I recommend a minimum of two treatments a week for 4 weeks and then the last two treatments spaced 2 to 3 weeks apart. Benefits are cumulative.

60 minutes $200
Series of 10 $1800

Micro Current Anti-Aging Eye Lift

30 Minutes $100

This treatment corrects dark circles, fine lines and deep wrinkles, while achieving a visible” lift” to the eyes and hydrating the skin. Benefits are cumulative with repeated treatments.

Series of 4 $350

*Complimentary brow design with purchase of series ($35 value)


Add on special masks, extra extractions, extra massage, corrective peels, boosters and more to further customize your experience and results. Recommendations will be made during your consultation.

Starting at $20

Revitalizing Scalp Treatment

A stimulating scalp massage with essential oils that remove dry dead skin and encourage hair growth. This treatment also includes a relaxing shoulder and neck massage plus a moisture hair mask with steam to moisturize and mend over stressed or processed hair. Once you try it you will always ask for it. So relaxing!

A la carte $40
Great added on to your facial $30

Lash and Brow Tinting $25

Corrective Peels

Change and improve the condition of your skin without totally destroying it. These unique, chirally correct peels cause less trauma, therefore less irritation and downtime, while providing greater benefits and results. Safe for all skin tones and types, including women of color.

Blueberry Smoothie

A refreshing, exfoliating scrub loaded with antioxidants that immediately decongests and restores a youthful glow.


Benefit Peel

A peel that repairs and nourishes the skin with vital nutrients and anti-oxidants as it calms and restores the complexion. Gentle enough for sensitive skins and Rosacea sufferers or recently sun damaged skin.

Series of 4 $350

Purity Cleanse

A detoxifying treatment that decongests clogged, enlarged pores, fights bacteria, heals and calms acne. Great for occasional breakouts or stubborn acne conditions, including cystic.

series of 4 $450 and a 10% off homecare products

Blueberry Jessner

An incredible acne-drying treatment that also reduces fine lines and improves the appearance of mature, changing skin. Great for stubborn sun damage and as a precursor for other peels to achieve increased penetration and intensification. (Not recommended for pregnant or lactating clients as well as darker complexions.) Ask for details.


Timeless Face

This “peel of choice" dramatically reduces the visible signs of aging. This remarkable peel generates immense activity removing layers of dead, damaged skin while increasing cell turnover, increasing moisture levels, improving tone and tightening the skin. Great for severe sun damage, pre-mature aging skin conditions, hyperpigmentation and acne scars. Also great before beginning a series of micro-current treatments and at every change of season to reverse the signs of aging and preventive care maintenance.

* Price includes pre and post peel home care products to enhance efficacy and ensure results.

Series of 4 $1200

*Prep products are recommended for at least 10 days before performing peel to insure the best results as well a post products for proper healing and recovery of your initial peel.

Timeless Body

An effective peel for any area on your body. Great for acne, stretch marks, cellulite and sun damaged skin conditions while providing anti-aging benefits.

Starting at $150 depending on area

Deep Sea Wave

A potent “herbal” non-acid peel that can penetrate deep into the dermal level creating enormous stimulation of protein and cell turnover. Great for acne scarring and melasma/hyperpigmentation. Can be used on pregnant or lactating women.

*Will experience mild to moderate discomfort with a tingling/pin-pricking sensation for up to 24 hrs.

Series of 4 $1000



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