What is Dermaplaning?

The exfoliation and  hair removal  can leave your skin brighter and smoother. The treatment may soften fine lines and  wrinkles  and ease hyperpigmentation, or uneven skin tone. It is a great prep prior to deep extractions, as dead skin has been cleared without any chemical inflammation. Anything that is applied immediately afterward will penetrate deeper – so it is a good time to deeply hydrate and introduce active ingredients in a customized facial.

It painlessly exfoliates the stratum corneum to stimulate cellular turnover with little to no downtime.
It is a great option for clients with sensitive skin and pregnant women who are looking for a deep exfoliation.
It can be performed prior to treatments like facials, laser, microdermabrasion, and chemical
peels for better product penetration.
It can be performed frequently.
It helps makeup go on smoother and more evenly.
It can help significantly lighten post-inflammatory scars from past acne.
It does not make the hair grow back thicker and darker.

How well it works really depends on your skin type , tone, medical history and the experience of your provider. Ileana is a certified Dermaplane Pro professional and educator. Professionals seeking training and certification, please message Ileana directly or contact her Via email

Most people have little to no irritation or reaction. Short-term side effects may include dehydrated skin if not moisturized, light redness and the occasion nick from the blade if there was a sudden movement during the procedure, which will heal in a couple of days.
Dermaplaning isn’t recommended if you have inflammatory skin conditions such as:
• Acne
• Rosacea
• Psoriasis
• Eczema
• Sunburn

Will Dermaplaning cause breakouts?

Quite the opposite, actually. A buildup of dead skin can clog your pores and hair follicles, which can not only cause pimples but also block your skincare products from penetrating the skin, which is why  exfoliation  is essential for maintaining an even, healthy glow. But like I said, if you already have an existing breakout, you’ll unfortunately need to sit this treatment out.

How to Prepare

It’s best to avoid exfoliating your skin three days before. You should also try to avoid direct sunlight or  tanning . There’s no downtime needed to let your skin heal but you may find skin a little sensitive. I recommend using a hydrating serum followed by moisturizer and a Broad Spectrum SPF afterward. I like and recommend, FAITH, PRECARE ESSENCE C, Calm & Moist Pack, Power Cream and Daily Essentials Full Spectrum SPF 50 by Ileana Moreno Clinical Skincare.
Abstain from using acids, retinols or exfoliating products for 3-5 days.
The procedure can be performed “a la carte” or in a facial every 3 to 4 weeks.

Will Hair Grow Back Thicker or Darker After a Dermaplaning Facial?

Rest assured, regular dermaplaning facial treatments do not make your facial hair grow back darker or thicker.
It’s common to feel a little stubble as your hair starts growing back in after dermaplaning. This doesn’t mean that your hair is thicker or more coarse. It has to do with the way each hair was cut straight across. The hair feels different to you, but it’s the exact same texture and color as it was before dermaplaning.  Dermaplaning does not stimulate your hair growth pattern or change the texture or color of the hair removed. Because vellous hair is so fine, it is not possible that it will grow back thicker. In fact, over time I’ve seen it grow less.

Though your hair won’t grow back thicker or darker after dermaplaning, you may be worried about the minimal amount of stubble you feel. I have a few recommendations to remedy this concern.  First, stay on top of your dermaplaning treatment plan. In general, you should be scheduling a dermaplaning facial about once a month. Second, be vigilant about your exfoliation and skin care regimen between treatments. Some of the roughness and imperfections you may be feeling could be a sign of dehydration. Lastly, if you have areas where coarse hair is present, they can be tweezed before the dermaplaning procedure to help reduce stubble. No matter what your needs may be, Ileana is available to help enhance your skin’s health and beauty.

What is Microcurrent?

A microcurrent facial is often referred to as a  “natural” facelift . This safe and painless treatment helps erase fine lines and wrinkles, while firming your skin and defining your features. It improves muscle tone, reduces puffiness, increases cellular activity, and tightens pores.
The overall result is a healthier and younger-looking skin, no matter your age. Microcurrent technology has been around since the 1800’s as a treatment for damaged tissues and muscles. But when a physician of a Bell’s palsy patient noticed that the face of his patients
appeared much smoother and younger-looking after receiving microcurrent therapy, one of the world’s first high-tech aesthetic treatments was born. A  microcurrent facial  emits extremely low-voltage electrical currents (hence ‘micro’ current), which mirror your own body’s electrical currents, on a cellular level to repair damaged skin and stimulate collagen and elastin production. It works simultaneously to repair collagen in the dermis, the deepest layer of your skin, while gently erasing signs of aging in the epidermis, the top layer of your skin. According to studies, a microcurrent facial can increase collagen production up to 14%, elastin increases 48% and blood circulation goes up 38%.

How Is Microcurrent Facial Done?

The microcurrent facial uses two hand held prongs, conducting gloves and or rollers, that deliver precise dosages of energy to the skin. As the Ileana methodically moves the prongs around your face, you may feel a slight tingling sensation, but most say it’s surprisingly relaxing. Of
course you can expect all the other pleasures of a classic facial incorporated into the microcurrent facial, such as cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing and facial massage.

What Are The Side Effects Of Microcurrent Facial?

There is no downtime and you can immediately go about your day…glowing like you’ve never glowed before. As a matter of fact, many people experience an elevated sense of well-being, as well as relief from headaches and sinus congestion and other maladies.

What Are The Benefits Of Microcurrent Facial?

You see results within minutes of getting the treatment—that’s the fun part,” says Ileana. After your first treatment, you’ll have a firmer, glowing, more uplifted you. Your skin will appear tightened and hydrated. Your jaw line will be more defined, cheekbones more pronounced, and your eyes will look younger and refreshed. However, the initial results are rather fleeting and vanish in a week or two.
Results are cumulative, so after a series of sessions, the improvements are many and longer lasting. For sustained results, the recommended course of treatment is a series of 10 to 15 treatments within the first 6 weeks, followed by a 3-month maintenance schedule.

What Is Microneedling?

A popular skin revitalization treatment, traditional microneedling , also know as “Collagen Induction Therapy” uses a special hand-piece with ultra fine needles to create very tiny wounds (called micro-injuries) as it passes across the area. This stimulates the natural healing response
of your body to produce collagen, elastin, and new skin cells. This healing rejuvenates the top layers of your skin, eliminates surface scarring, and softens fine lines and wrinkles

What Is RF Microneedling?

More than your average microneedling treatment, RF Micro-needling is unique in that it combines the benefits of microneedling with the skin-tightening effects of radio frequency. The current technology uses 36 robotically controlled, gold tipped microneedles, to create microscopic channels deep into the dermis, which stimulates collagen production. As a result, skin tone, texture, and firmness are improved so skin looks youthful and refreshed. RF Microneedling is a revolutionary skin treatment that delivers dramatic anti-aging results by enhancing the benefits of Microneedling with radio-frequency technology. The dynamic combination stimulates tissue remodeling and triggers the production of collagen. By repairing, remodeling, and resurfacing the skin at a cellular level, RF Microneedling can improve a litany of common skin concerns, including fine lines and wrinkles, skin laxity, hyperpigmentation, skin tone and texture, stretch marks, cystic acne, and acne scars. The advanced technology of the my RF Microneedling system aided with suction, makes treatments far gentler than other RF
Microneedling systems and traditional skin ablation procedures, resulting in less downtime. This makes RF Microneedling the ideal solution for men and women who want a non-surgical, non-invasive option for rejuvenating their appearance with radiant skin that looks dramatically
younger and healthier.

What Is Radio Frequency?

A form of electromagnetic energy that when applied to the area treated, causes a molecular Friction, producing heat. The actual source of the heat is the frictional resistance of the tissue. By Doing this, it contracts the collagen fibers, resulting in an immediate skin-tightening effect, as
Well as delayed collagen synthesis, meaning the results are both instant and cumulative.

How Does Rf Micro Needling Work?

Micro Needling with Radio Frequency both repairs and rejuvenates the skin on multiple levels. Prior to your treatment, Ileana will apply topical numbing cream on your skin to ensure your comfort during the procedure. The RF Micro Needling machine is then calibrated to match the parameters of your customized treatment plan. During the treatment, Ileana skillfully runs a handheld device equipped with microscopic needles over the skin.

Benefits Of RF Microneedling

Naturally repairs & rejuvenates skin
• Combines two powerful skin treatments
• Non-surgical alternative to a facelift
• FDA cleared as safe & effective
• Scientifically proven
• Results are both immediate & progressive
• Stimulates collagen production & tissue remodeling
• Safe for all skin types
• Gentler, less invasive skin ablation
• Less downtime

What Is HIFU?

HIFU (high-intensity focused ultrasound) is a safe, non-invasive technique, using non-ionizing ultrasonic waves to heat or ablate tissues, counteracting the effects of time and gravity on your skin. The treatment uses the body’s own regenerative response to gently and gradually lift the skin on the eyebrow, under the chin, onto the neck and smooth lines and wrinkles on the décolletage.

Unlike other skin lifting treatments such as thread lifts, dermal fillers, and anti-wrinkle injections, Ultrasound Therapy does not involve injections – it bypasses superficial skin by delivering precisely focused beams of ultrasound energy at three different depths in the skin’s layers. This technology is micro and macro-focused ultrasound that precisely targets the SMAS layer in the skin – the layer that surgeons pull back when doing a facelift—causing new collagen stimulation, providing long-term tightening of the skin.  The body’s natural wound healing response results in the formation of new collagen which leads to a long-term tightening of the skin.  Results from ultrasound skin tightening are instant and progressive, meaning you will continue to see improvements for up to 6 months post-treatment.

Can It Replace A Face Lift Procedure?

HIFU treats the deep foundation layer addressed in cosmetic surgery, but won’t duplicate the results of the facelift. However, it is a great alternative, especially for those not ready for surgery, or clients looking to extend the effects of cosmetic surgery continue to see improvements for up to 6 months post-treatment.

Who Is A Good Candidate For A Treatment?

A good HIFU candidate will have mild-moderate skin laxity where the skin begins to look less firm. Examples include a lowered eyebrow line, loose skin on the neck, sagging under the chin and lines or winkles on the chest area. Of course, the best way to find out if you are suitable
candidate is to have a consultation.

How Does It Work?

During the treatment, the transducer head delivers and deposits focused ultrasound energy deep beneath the skin at the optimal temperature for collagen regeneration. The treatment jump starts a natural process, known as ‘neocollagenesis’, to produce fresh, new collagen. The
treatment itself doesn’t involve any creams, fillers or toxins, it just relies on your body’s own collagen building process for natural, noticeable results.

What Does It Feel Like?

As the ultrasound energy is delivered, you will feel tiny amounts of energy being deposited to the precise depths, indicating that the collagen building process has been initiated. Comfort levels vary from person-to-person, but the sensation only lasts while the ultrasound energy is
being delivered.

Are There Any Side Efects?

The skin may appear flushed at first. This could be during a treatment but sometimes lasting longer. The redness should however disappear within a few hours. Some clients experiencing slight swelling, tingling or tenderness to the touch, but these are temporary in nature. Other, less common post-procedural effects may include temporary bruising or numbness in small areas of skin. As with any cosmetic procedure, there is a possibility of other rare effects, which Ileana will be glad to review with you.

Is Their Any Downtime?

With a single HIFU treatment there is no down time. After your procedure, you can resume your normal activities immediately, without having to follow any special post treatment measures. I even have clients come in during their lunch break to have the treatment.  Make up can be applied as normal – always wear a good sunscreen for day.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Most clients only need one treatment. However,  as this may be based on the degree of skin laxity, the biological response to ultrasound energy and individual’s collagen building process, some clients may benefit from an additional treatment. Because the skin continues to age,
future touch-up treatments can help clients keep pace with the body’s natural aging process.

After Care Guidelines

You can return to your normal activities immediately after your procedure without any post treatment restrictions.
Avoid exposing your skin to extreme temperatures of heat or cold, and protect your skin with a good quality moisturizer and SPF.
Important you up your water intake and stay hydrated after your treatment.
Avoid caffeine and alcohol for 48 hours afterwards, even longer if possible for optimal results.
I recommend no sun exposure for 24 to 48 hours after the treatment.
No strenuous exercise (hot yoga, HIT) for 24 to 48 hours to reduce any swelling that may have occurred during your treatment.
Your normal regimen can be followed immediately, but avoid using skin products that may cause irritation (retinols, acids, some C serums) for 24 to 48 hours afterwards. Great time for a soothing, hydrating mask or serum.
Please do not have any other form of treatment or therapy until instructed to do so.

4D ULTRA HIFU is superior in that I can have a higher energy with less pain, more treatment
lines means a more thorough treatment plus this system loses the traditional cartridges
associated with standard Hifu and uses a specialized radar to selectively deliver precise heat to
the targeted depth depending on the areas being treated delivery outstanding results whilst
being able to also treat sensitive hard to reach areas ie: eyes, nose around mouth and jaw.

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