This LED mask comes with additional benefits, The mask features 7 LED color treatment modes to target multiple skin concerns including the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, blemishes, pigmentation, scaring, and anti-aging. Red light mode stimulates collagen and elastin production, which plumps and firms the skin helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Blue light mode has anti-bacterial properties that kills bacteria, helping to clear and control breakouts. Green light mode reduces the production of melanin, lightens, and reduces pigmentation, helping to even the complexion. Yellow light promotes lymphatic drainage, compromised skin barrier and enhances skin immunity. Purple light (red and blue light frequency combined) has a particularly good effect on acne and acne scarring. Cyanine light energizes the skin and white light accelerates the metabolism, breaking down stains and giving a lifting affect.

Light intensity can be adjusted as well as length of treatments. Recommend 15-30- minutes for maximum affect.

Comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • Gentle microcurrent to focus on fine lines, wrinkles – optional

  • Face and neckpiece

  • More LED lights for specific skincare needs

  • Intensity control

  • Adjusting sides for comfort


C1 Red Light 630 nm Mature Skins/Lines and Wrinkles

C2 Green Light 520 nm Hyperpigmentation

C3 Blue Light 470 nm Combination/Oily/Acnetic/Reactive Skin

C4 Yellow Light 590 nm (Combination of Green and Red) for Mature Skin with Pigmentation/Sun Damage/Dull Skin Type, and Premature Acne

C5 Purple Light 425 nm (Combination of Red and Blue) Mature Skin with Oily Breakout Tendencies/Premature Acne

C6 Cyan Light 640 nm (Combination of Green and Blue) For Oily Skin with Hyperpigmentation/Scarring/Dull Skins

C7 White Light 510 nm All Types above especially Sensitive and Hyperpigmentation

C8 Automatic Pre-set to 30 minute treatment that cycles through all of the LED light colors

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How To Set Up + Use:

  • SET UP: Take all components of the out the box, including the instruction manual. Connect USB leads to the control panel.

    The Control panel has 3 ports: A- Face USB port, B- Neck USB port C- the power port. Place the face and neck cables and the power cord into the control panel. Once plugged into a power port, the number ’30’ will show on the control panel, which indicates it’s pre-setting for 30 minutes.

    Clip the neckpiece into the face mask, or leave separate. Place the pieces comfortably on the face and neck. Black plugs are an extra accessory included, that can be added to inside the of the mask in case you would like it to rest at a higher level instead of directly on your face.

  • Select your time, color light, EMS and intensity setting. Relax and enjoy!

  • Using the principle of varying wavelengths, LED light therapy uses seven different colors when penetrating your pores to help rejuvenate your complexion. This revolutionary, simple solution treats skin aging issues, improves blood circulation, skin complexion, fine lines, and wrinkles as well as brightening and blemish control. Each of the varying wavelengths has an effect that will treat and improve different skin concerns.

    To start, I recommend using the mask for 20 minutes every other day in order to see accumulative, restorative effects. After six weeks you can use the mask daily 2-3x a week.


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