Resurface the skin with a range of solutions, formulated with varying concentrations of glycolic acid to suit every skin type.  Rich in alpha and beta hydroxy acids (AHA and BHA), the natural exfoliating power is gentle yet highly effective.  With no needles, and without any pain, discomfort or skin breakage, the jet streams open up microchannels that provide a direct path to the deeper skin layers.  Using the JetPeel device in conjunction with Jet Solutions, exclusive formulas designed to treat various skin issues, the jet streams contain nutritive micro-droplets that travel below the skin surface and act on the subdermal layers to provide visible results and relief.

Choose from 5%, 10% or 16% glycolic acid concentrations to achieve gentle, medium or strong exfoliating action in a safe and effective way.   Jetpeel exfoliating solutions are formulated with a pH level of 3.5, ideally designed to assure a productive exfoliating experience without any burning or damaging effect.  Experience the rebalancing , exfoliation of the renewal care of the AHA and BHA power of JetPeel.

Resurfacing that achieves visible results without the irritation and recovery time of traditional chemical peels. With little to no downtime, these specialized treatments can improve challenging conditions like acne, clogged pores, scarring, discoloration/pigmentation, dry skin, oily skin, aging concerns and even rosacea as well as just give you just enough resurfacing to get your glow back.  May be added or combined with your regular facial or as a stand-alone treatment.  For more information as to what kind of peel is best for you – please schedule a consultation or ask me at the time of your facial.

All Skin Conditions | a la carte | part of the JET2 BEAUTY 


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