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Faith Cosmetics

Lamellar Mode Moist Pack

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    • Gel facial mask that replenishes moisture and restores skin balance. Contains amino acids that thoroughly hydrate skin. Permeability of facial mask enhances permeability of active ingredients and hydrates skin,leaving it moist. Supports basement membrane activity, boosts skin turnovers for healthier skin.


    • TRIPEPTIDE····· cell energizing, hydrates, enhances barrier function
    • AMINO ACIDS (ALANINE, PROLINE, SERlNE)···hydrates, skin regeneration, cell
    • GLYCOGEN······ hydrates, promotes epidermal repair, supplies energy
    • HYDROXYPROLINE········epidermal cell growth accelerators, promotion of collagen
    production, hydrates

    Water, glycerin, propanediol, diglycerin, pentylene glycol, hyaluronic acid Na, hydrogenated lecithin, tripeptide-3, hydrolysed elastin, serine, proline, alanine, Eurasian flower extract extract, ectoin, hymehuuro extract, dilauroyl Lysyl glutamate Na, DNA-K, RNA-Na, aloe vera leaf extract, mussel glycogen, oryzanol, dihydrocholesteryl oleate, phytosteryl oleate, chamomile flower extract, aluminum silicate, glycosphingolipids, cholesterol, clove extract, dokudami extract, Cholesteryl nonanoate, hydroxyproline, lysolecithin, ascorbyl phosphate Mg, rosemary leaf extract, brown algae extract, cholesteryl butyrate, dihydrocholesteryl butyrate, xanthan Arm, carbomer, Toriechiruhekisanoin, BG, phenyl trimethicone, oleic acid Na, polyglyceryl laurate -5, hydroxide K, polyglyceryl myristate -10,1,2- hexanediol
    After washing your face, spread thickly all over your face avoiding the areas around your eyes and mouth. Leave it on for 5 minutes, then rinse it off thoroughly with cool or lukewarm water. Application once or twice a week is recommended.