Every facial is customized the day of your treatment to ensure you are getting exactly what you need, a personalized experience with each and every visit.Understandingall skin types and focusing on your specific conditions, giving you immediate as well as long lasting results.

Me2 Beauty Grand Facial Extraordinaire


Your facial spa time begins with a welcoming massage to help you relax followed by skin-type specific cleansing, exfoliation, and extractions if necessary with calibrated combinations of modalities which may include any of the following: dermaplaning, metabolic peels, Jetpeel, micro-channeling, ultrasound, microcurrent, Cold Plasma and more, signature massage (a series of movements including, a very slow, stress releasing, pressure point touch followed by a more flowing, uplifting, effleurage geared to sculpt and lift the face), LED light therapy, mesotherapy infusion of vitamins and active ingredients, customized to repair skin conditions, brighten your complexion and restore skin functions. Always includes a custom treatment mask to heal, restore and further enhance results. I always end with hydration and protection to seal everything in and have a brief discussion after the facial to address any concerns or questions about your skincare routine. A great choice if you don’t know what type of treatment you need as well as If you want to experience the maximum results available to you with Ileana Moreno’s skincare philosophy, at a great value, with no up charges or added costs for extra advanced aesthetic treatments available to you. Also discover how and when additional technologies, cosmetics, and supplements may be used to further improve your condition.

Deep Pore Clinical Correction


Clinical level, deep cleaning of blemishes and impurities, blackheads and clogged pores. Your skin will never look cleaner by using Deep Pore Clinical Correction A combination of enzymes, metabolic peels and deep pore, detoxifying ingredients dramatically purge your pores of dead skin, oil and bacteria. Deep pore extractions, that only a professional can perform successfully, without excessive irritation or trauma to the skin and soothing, anti-inflammatory concentrates are gently penetrated leaving your skin flawless and glowing, followed by 20 minutes of LED light therapy to calm redness, kill acne bacteria and stimulate healing. You will look better when you leave than when you came in! This is my guarantee. No post inflammation or scarring. Great for acne, blackheads and enlarged pores. You will experience the effects of Ileana Moreno’s skincare philosophy and discover how and when additional technology, cosmetics, and supplements may be used in your routine. Great for Enlarged Pores, congestion and Acne. For Acne Scarring schedule a series of BioRePeel and or RF MICRONEEDLING, which can be found under Advanced Aesthetics.

Me2 Beauty Essential


This classic facial is an abbreviated version of the signature GRAND FACIAL EXTRAORDINAIRE. It is completely customized to each client’s skin on that day. All the traditions you would expect from a spa facial, cleansing, exfoliation, facial and shoulder massage, custom mask and serums calibrated for optimum results and rejuvenation. You will experience the effects of Ileana Moreno’s skincare philosophy and discover how and when additional technology, cosmetics and supplements may be used to further improve your skin. All skin conditions | 55minutes

Filler Facial


A revolutionary Korean facial treatment that uses the cutting edge technology of topical filler, Poly L Lactic with encapsulated hydrogen to penetrate deep within the skin's layers. Prepare to witness a remarkable transformation as your complexion brightens, pores tighten, blackheads diminish, and a visible skin plumping effect take hold. With no downtime required, just stay clear of water or sweat for a 8-12 hours post-treatment. For optimal results, extend treatment efficacy with HOP+ Stem Cell Mist throughout the day and days following, as well as incorporate the HOP + Pilleo line of products for home care.