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Time Master Pro Facial Device with Collagen Gel

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     A compact tool that employs advanced low-frequency ultrasound and Electro Muscle Stimulation techniques to invigorate skin metabolism and encourage the rejuvenation of skin cells. 


    Kit Includes Time Master Pro Sculplla H2 Promoter Collagen Gel Le Mieux Iso Cell Recovery Solution Mini & BioCellulose Sheet Mask Art of Skin Care Tassi Hair Wrap Charge cord for US Tool for changing the battery
    1. To use the device, start by charging it for 30 to 60 minutes beforehand. The device has an automatic timer that shuts off after 5 minutes, so it's important not to use it for more than 10 minutes during the entire treatment. 2. The device utilizes electrical vibrations, providing a highly stimulating sensation on the skin. Adjust the intensity level by using the power button and choose from four settings. At AOS, we recommend Level 1 for use on the face, levels 2 thru 4 are better suited for thicker skin and the body. 3. To select the LED mode, use the LED light select button. Here are the available modes: Blue LED (470nm): Penetrates to 1mm and helps with acne, balances oil production, and kills bacteria. Green LED (520nm): Penetrates to 2mm and assists with hyper-pigmentation and skin brightening. Red LED (650nm): Penetrates to 3mm and promotes healthy aging, increases collagen formation, and enhances blood circulation. Multi LED: Smooths wrinkles, tightens, and firms the skin, and provides benefits of all the above modes. Multi-Flashing Infrared LED (940nm): Penetrates to 5-10mm and provides the most comprehensive and intense benefits of all the above modes. 4. Apply the conductive gel to one treatment area at a time, and use slow, continuous circular movements with the device. Avoid holding the device in one spot. It's important to avoid using the ultrasound therapy device without the conductive gel, as it can damage the device. If the skin starts to become dry during treatment, you can spritz it with Sculplla Mist or Le Mieux Iso Cell Recovery Solution to rehydrate the conductive gel. 5. Use a soft cloth with soap and water to clean.
    Time Master Pro Facial Device with  Collagen Gel
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